Got a question? We’re more than happy to help. Below are some of the more frequently asked questions Eazy Grass Ltd customers have wanted to find answers too. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Head over to the Contact Us page and well get back to you as soon as we can.

What are the benefits of installing artificial grass?

Installing EverLawn® artificial grass effectively eliminates the time a conventional
lawn takes to maintain. No further use of electrical or petrol consuming
equipment required. Summer scorch and water shortages are of no concern.
Muddy feet and paws are no longer a problem. Preferable to replacing existing
lawns with bricks, stone or concrete. Tidy throughout the year. Aesthetically
pleasing and natural appearance.

Is artificial grass safe for kids?

EverLawn® artificial grass is perfect for use by children who benefit from outdoor
activity areas. It’s is a substitute for ‘worn out’ natural grass, its very
hardwearing and is an effective buffer against minor accidents.

What are the costs of artificial grass?

The financial outlay is equivalent to purchasing a quality domestic carpet, the
price dependent upon the amount of artificial grass required and its purpose e.g.
general domestic; landscaping; sport or ornamental. Our professional installation
costs vary according to terrain e.g. solid surface or that which requires
excavation. If you are in any doubt then please call the office and we will be
happy to answer your questions.

My dog causes patches on the lawn, will this stop when I have my<br /> artificial grass fitted?

Pets urine will not create scorching however, removal of excreta and regular
hosing are recommended for hygienic purposes.

Will this be good under my trampoline?

Yes, EverLawn® artificial grass is perfect for suppressing the weeds and is always
aesthetically pleasing all year round. Many people are now realizing that their
grass does not grow properly under the trampoline and eventually turns muddy.

How quick can I get my artificial grass?

As soon as payment is received dispatch procedures commence. Normally you will
receive your products within 3 to 4 working days however to allow for peak times
and delivery logistics we recommend delivery between 7 and 14 days. We will
contact you to arrange a day that is convenient for you. Please note that a
signature is required for proof of delivery.

My lawn is always flooded will the artificial grass stop this happening?

If this is a problem on your existing lawn it will be necessary to install suitable
drainage at the time of excavation.

What happens when it rains a lot?

EverLawn® artificial grass is manufactured to drain at 40 gallons per hour.
Therefore, providing your existing lawn does not have a drainage problem and
the artificial grass is correctly installed it will drain efficiently.

What sort of base is recommended for my artificial lawn?

We routinely recommend a good drainage system of crushed hardcore followed
by a layer of crushed sand however, if the area already has good drainage a
suitable quantity of crushed sand would suffice. Artificial grass can be installed
over concrete but we recommend EverLawn® Shock Pad Underlay if you want to
play on the grass area.

Do I have to maintain the new artificial grass lawn?

Maintenance is very low; all you need to do is remove autumn leaves,
germinating weeds and biodegradable matter that decompose resulting in soil

How long will EverLawn® artificial grass last?

The lifespan of EverLawn® artificial grass is 15-20 years based on normal
domestic use. Heavy use in one concentrated area may have an adverse affect.

Is the installation of the artificial grass best left to a professional or can<br /> you DIY?

Our installation service is recommended for best results but can be undertaken by
a DIY enthusiast, in good physical health, using appropriate tools (see our
installation page).

Does it fade in the sun?

Fading will not occur. EverLawn® artificial grass has a ten year UV
manufacturer’s warranty. The initial ‘New sheen’ appearance will disappear
following a few days of rain.

Does the grass have a directional pile?

Only on landscape products and when first unrolled. This is created by the
manufacturing process but, unlike other products, brushing with a stiff broom
against the pile will lift the fibers. Walking on it thereafter will mix the fibers
together giving the appearance of a natural lawn.

Can I barbeque on it?

Not recommended. Hot materials will damage the turf. Areas of turf can be
replaced however prevention is the easier option than to repair.

Do I need to water the grass?

Never again and your new grass will never be scorched by drought.

What if I damaged an area do I have to have all the lawn replaced?

Damaged areas can be replaced with new artificial grass. Request or save an off
cut to ensure the same shade of colour.

How do I fix the artificial grass down?

After the excavation a treated timber template is applied to the desired shape.
The artificial grass overlap of 100mm is then fixed to the outer edge of the
treated timber. We do supply EverLawn adhesive which adheres to almost any
surface. For DIY installations almost any material can be used to anchor it down
but the grass must be secured at distances no greater than 500mm. Please see
our DIY section on our home page.

How easy is it to cut and shape artificial grass?

The use of a sharp Stanley knife is essential and, therefore best undertaken with
caution. Cutting the underside is easy to cut any shape required.

Will weeds grow on the artificial grass?

Weeds cannot grow through. Should anchorage occur on the surface area weeds
are easily removed. Prevention is by means of removing biodegradable matter
which would otherwise decompose to form a soil base.

Do I need to worry about insects?

An artificial grass surface will eliminate 99% of insects. Those you do find will
most likely be non- resident and merely passing through.

Can I plant any plants into the artificial grass after it has been fitted?

Yes, but your plant will need enough depth and width to expand their roots into
nutritional soil. The grass can be cut to the desired shape and the depth needed
for growth must be excavated and then filled with the recommended soil and
potting mixture.

Can my kids play football on it?

Yes, we recommend that trainers as opposed to studded boots to be used on
artificial grass purchased for domestic use.

Can I lay EverLawn® artificial grass straight over decking?

Yes, this method is increasingly popular and the installation time is very little. If
purchasing a product with a low fiber height it may be necessary to install rubber
matting first.

How do I join the artificial grass together?

EverLawn® Adhesive and EverLawn® tape can be supplied with your order to
ensure secure joining of artificial grass where necessary. The cost of these
materials will be added to your order.

Can I put a paddling pool on the artificial grass?

Yes, this is great as no mud will appear in the pool. Once the pool has been
dismantled use a stiff brush to lift the pile again.

Can I use artificial grass beside a swimming pool?

Yes, artificial grass enhances the area of swimming pools. Position the grass a
distance of a meter away to avoid chlorine affecting the composite.

What can we use for edging?

Treated timber with the grass overlap nailed to it results in a very secure finish.
Any queries please call the office where we will be happy to help.

Can I put the artificial grass straight on top of my lawn?

Not recommended but if you do so it is essential to mow the lawn on the lowest
possible setting followed by the application of EverLawn® weed membrane.
Undulations are likely to occur hence our recommended sub base.

Why is sand infill used?

The type of artificial grass used for areas of ‘heavy traffic’ has been designed for
use of sand infill this also helps anchor the product. Always tell us the purpose for
which the grass is intended and we will advise accordingly