We have received some great feedback since 2007 about EverLawn® artificial grass products and installation services, here we have some testimonials left by our customer’s since 2007!

☆ Sam Hunter – Poulton-le-Fylde:
“After searching round and ringing a variety of companies for quotes, we came across EverLawn Artificial Grass. The process was easy and pleasant for us and I would highly recommend the company Eazy Grass who supplied and installed our grass to anyone who is thinking of getting work done. We had a lovely option of grass to choose from and was given a 10-year warranty, no more muddy feet leaving prints all-round the house and no more mowing. So a big thanks to team!”

☆ Francesca Smith – Carlton:
“I have just recently just had my garden done with EverLawn Artificial Grass and I would just like to sincerely thanks to Eazy Grass for what they have done. My dogs made my garden a genuine bomb site and now after their amazing work I have a safe and clean lawn for both me and my dogs. There are no longer muddy paws all threw the house and my dogs are loving it. If you are considering getting artificial grass yourself, please go to the EverLawn website www.everlawn.co.uk and you will defiantly not regret it.”

☆ Sam Bennett – Fleetwood:
“I would just like to say a big thanks for our EverLawn and for the unbelievable work Eazy Grass have done on my garden. Their amazing quality will not go a miss. I can imagine it not being the biggest of jobs for them but regardless their team of friendly fitters were lovely and they had my entire lawn done in just one day and it is utterly perfection it could not be any better!”

☆ Lloyd Thomas – Great Eccleston:
“Artificial grass is the way forward!! The recent work done to my back garden is amazing thanks to the work of Eazy Grass Ltd for the installation of our beautiful Everlawn Pearl. It has given my property the real modern age type of look I was looking for and not only myself this has benefited but my two dogs too, there now always scratching at the door to go outside now. The grass is safe and clean for when the family come over and I never have to get my annoying lawn mower out again for me this was the best investment I’ve done so far, So big appreciation to the team for a great job and our wonderful EverLawn grass.”

☆ Joe Marriott – Poulton le Fylde:
“I would like to say a massive thanks for our EverLawn! They team have done a tremendous job on my back lawn. I was so nervous on how the turnout was going to be but the result is amazing. Highly recommended!”

☆ Sam – Fleetwood:
“Great workers, Great communication and amazing quality! EverLawn is the way forward if you are thinking of getting artificial grass!” ☆☆☆☆☆

☆ Edward – St Anne’s:
“Stop being indecisive and go to Eazy Grass Ltd and get EverLawn. If you are thinking of getting artificial grass done then don’t hesitate to go to call them, I at first was nervous on how the result was going to be but now I couldn’t be happier with what they have done to my lawn. A big thanks to the team.”

☆ Wayne – Lytham:
“EverLawn is a miracle! The transformation on my back lawn is unbelievable, I used to hate mowing the lawn and always having to maintain the garden, but now I can sit back and not have to lift a finger.”