PetGuard™ is a patented technology for the protection against yarn colour distortion caused by pets.

PetGuard™ yarn monofilaments are exclusively produced for the manufacture of grade ‘A’ artificial grass.

European manufacturers and wholesalers consider lead free certified yarns and PetGuard™ monofilaments compulsory and is rapidly becoming a requirement for the sale of artificial grass to the sports and leisure industry throughout Europe.

How does this work?
Similar to ‘Scotchgaurd™’ (the indoor carpet protector) this is a film adhered to the monofilaments after production. However Scotchgaurd™ does require additional coverage over time to maintain the protection.

PetGuard™ protection is built into the fabric during yarn production therefore providing a lifelong pet stain free lawn. This patented technology is the result of years of expertise and state of the art technology.

Investing in products that are pet stain resistant gives you peace of mind for a trouble free all year round lawn year after year.