Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass by EverLawn® with PetGuard™ as standard. No more stains on your artificial lawn with the use PetGuard™ technology.

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Perfect for Pets and Dogs

Not only are our lawns child friendly, but they’re pet friendly too. Our artificial grass for dogs have a drainable base that allows any fluid to instantly drain away. Our research has proven that any mess on your EverLawn® artificial lawn quickly dries and makes it easy to dispose of. Additionally to this, our range of EverLawn® artificial grass are stain resistant with the use of PetGuard™, ensuring your lawn will not discolour and will always look perfect.

In the situation that your pet leaves a mess that can’t necessarily be cleaned straight away, don’t panic! It won’t damage your lawn. We simply recommend that you hose down your artificial grass, rinsing away any mess.

Take a look at some of our friends below using our artificial grass then order you artificial grass samples.