Patios, Decking & Balconies


Considering synthetic grass to cover your patio or balcony is already a decision many people have chosen and reaping the rewards of a no maintenance artificial and instant lawn.

Patios are predominantly grey, unattractive and slippery when wet and a quick and easy roll out of artificial grass instantly transforms the area to a perfectly manicured lawn that will give you years of pleasure maintenance free.


Over the last decade timber decking has been the perfect addition to many gardens.

Walking from your home onto a decked area adds a sense of continuation from home to garden and can combine both areas on the same level without causing issues of damp.

However due to long winter months and short daylight hours the decking often becomes mouldy then slippery to walk on. Covering the area with a suitable artificial grass product removes the worry of slipping and transforms the area to an instant lawn. The installation is easy and can be completed within one hour depending on the size and location.


Roof Gardens

A new lawn is achievable anywhere EverBond artificial grass adhesive can adhere to. Popular places are rooftops and roof gardens. A lawn for a roof without the mowing and the green solution to a drab surface transformed in a moment and provides years of pleasure and maintenance free. Artificial grass for rooftops and roof gardens is the luxurious choice.