Artificial Grass Fitting Kit

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You are purchasing an artificial grass fitting kit needed to fit and join your artificial grass
Select the kit you require based on the length of join you have. If you just need seaming tape or artificial grass adhesive separately please visit our shop.

Our high quality Artificial Grass Seaming Jointing Tape is used to join artificial grass together with our professional Artificial Grass Adhesive.

Key Features
• EverBond™ GrassGlue™ Adhesive tube is standard 310ml tube – beating all other adhesives on the market.
• High quality – manufactured especially for artificial grass and Made in Germany
• The artificial grass glue is a dark natural grass green in colour
• Artificial Grass Seaming / Joining tape is standard 30cm width
• Tough and ridged joining tape
• Ideal product to use in the joining of 2 pieces of artificial grass
• Green tipped artificial grass pegs have been specially designed to be hidden amongst the grass

For bulk orders please contact us – 01253 884060

Additional information

Kit Size

1 Tube + 3m Tape + 6 Green Pins, 2 Tubes + 6m Tape + 12 Green Pins, 3 Tubes + 9m Tape + 18 Green Pins, 4 Tubes + 12m Tape + 24 Green Pins, 5 Tubes + 15m Tape + 30 Green Pins, 6 Tubes + 18m Tape + 36 Green Pins, 7 Tubes + 21m Tape + 42 Green Pins, 8 Tubes + 24m Tape + 48 Green Pins, 9 Tubes + 27m Tape + 54 Green Pins, 10 Tubes + 30m Tape + 60 Green Pins, 11 Tubes + 33m Tape + 66 Green Pins, 12 Tubes + 36m Tape + 77 Green Pins