Cheap Artificial Grass Imports. What You Need to Know.

UPDATED: 27/06/16 – Please also see this link which further proves how toxic Cheap artificial grass –

Are you considering investing in an artificial grass lawn or a play area at home or for a school? If so then read on.

Artificial grass appears to look the same, doesn’t it? The reality is that different artificial grass products are worlds apart when quality is taken into concept.

The quality, longevity and lead content issues may not be apparent at first but many Chinese artificial grass products have developed signs of little or no UV stability and colour fastness within the first twelve months. If the material used to produce the artificial grass cannot be tracked back to a European manufacturer it is highly unlikely the grass is lead free and fit for the investor’s purpose. Cheap artificial grass including Chinese imports do not have a warranty valid in Europe therefore guarantees and replacements are highly unlikely.

Have you seen artificial grass in a hardware shop or carpet shop? These products are likely to be cheap artificial grass imports. Ask yourself this question, can these types of shops provide you with a copy of a ten year warranty prior to sale? It is unlikely.

We believe a client’s investment for artificial grass should exceed their expectations. EverLawn® always use the finest of materials that can be tracked back to their origin. Materials that have been developed and modified since the birth of Astroturf in the 1960’s is a testament to our passion in developing the very best and safest for our customers.

Experience within the industry is paramount and if ever there is a doubt with a companies business experience within the industry it is good practice to check the companies registration for free @

This government website will provide you with the companies date of incorporation. The name of the business is what the company is registered to trade as and if the company name does not include the term artificial grass then it is unlikely they are specialist within this trade.

If artificial grass is being sold via a reseller then the product must be traced back to a European manufacturer and displaying the European lead free logo. It is imperative a surface does not have any heavy metal content and have adequate UV stability a customer must be provided proof of this.

Faded Artificial Grass (Cheap Artificial Grass from China)

Faded Artificial Grass (Cheap Artificial Grass from China)

Warranties offered need to be from a bonafide artificial grass company and comply to the European legislations for synthetic grass. A product warranty is only valid from and with a manufacturer.

With each product sold a ten year warranty is provided along with a certificate displaying the European mark for lead free artificial grass yarns.